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Mud Creek Farms is a 5th generation family farm founded on row cropping and dairying, and in the last 12 years changing to become a Registered Polled Hereford Beef Cattle Operation.

Our breeding program consists of three things: Predictable genetics, compacting Dams of Distinction, Sires of Distinction, Donor Dams and CHB Sires into a tight formation to give us to highest quality individual possible; Concentration of maternal greatness for calving ease, fleshing ability, and udder quality; and emphasis on carcass and performance traits of individuals. We feel by using these guidelines we can enhance the BEEF genetics for the future of herd and the future of the Hereford breed.

Our Herd Sire Dutchmaster is our lead sire producing moderate, thick, and consistent calves that are very well accepted. They come with moderate birth, good growth, and are very consistent in their type and kind. These calves will compete and will turn out into the pasture to make awesome females. His bulls will be used for added growth and eye appeal. We are very high on this individual and his accomplishments thus far. He had an actual birth weight of 83 #, weaning weight of 808 #, yearling of 1195#,  scrotal of 38.2, and a REA of 14.78’’.

In addition, our AI Sires; PW Victor Boomer P606, SHF M326 Radar R125, TH 122 71I Victor 719T, AH JDH Cracker Jack 26U ET , TH 71U 719T Mr Hereford 11X,  and MSU TCF Revolution 4R also add to the maternal strength of our herd, give us some competiveness in the show ring, and extra carcass performance.  We sell bulls private treaty off the farm out of these Sires and collect data to  help both the Commercial and the Seed Stock producers select a bull of their needs.

As far as our cow herd; females are bred to calve at 2 years of age, milk, rebreed in a timely manner, and raise a calf on fescue grass. We have three donors that are flushed twice a year then rebred LAKE 19R TE TE 314T, LPH Mckyla 0030 L852 ET,  and SVR 60D Banner Girl 128J. 128J is our lead donor that is a no miss momma cow. L852 has had division Champions in Denver and in Class Champions in many shows. Lake 19R TE TE 314T was flushed successfully twice and we are awaiting calves from her this fall and next spring. We are confident in what we raise at MCF will work for even the most critical cattlemen as we have assembled sought after genetics that will work.

  Our Newest Herd Sire:
MCF 11X Mr T-Top 314T 62A ET
Reg: P43337583
DOB: 11/4/12
Sire: TH 71U 719T Mr Hereford 11X
Dam: Lake 19R Te Te 314T

See him and our other great bulls on our Herd Sires page.
Sire: TH 71U 719T Mr Hereford 11X Dam: Lake 19R Te Te 314T
  Want more information? Plesae do not hesitate to call 865-803-9947 or email us with any questions, or to schedule a time to visit! We love to hear from our customers.  
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